BioBasics USA – New Hampshire

The next BioBasics course in New Hampshire will be held June 8-11, 2018. The course will be held at the Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire. 

More information will posted soon for the 2018 course.  Thank you.



About the BioBasics Program

“The BioBasics program offers undergraduate educational training on teaching of the foundational principles in Osteopathy.  The intent of the program is to create a dynamic living curriculum reflecting the principles of Osteopathy in a general practice setting and to provide a community of fellowship oriented toward keeping Osteopathy alive and preserving the “tools of our trade.”   The structure of the teaching faculty is such that the undergraduate basic educational modules will be made available to students at a reasonable cost. The curriculum is designed to develop a transitional methodology for functional and biodynamic approaches and to use the modules as a means to create and explore language.  These modules will also provide the student an opportunity to understand the biomechanical, functional and biodynamic methods as they apply to a specific topic.  “This program is given by a group of D.O.’s from all over the United States and abroad. This group has functioned as a community invested in teaching all levels of Osteopathy in an informal setting for many years.  This course provides a unique opportunity for mentoring and an expected table trainer to participant ratio of 1:2. All of the teachers at this course are oriented to the general practice of Osteopathy and are fully trained in Biodynamics.” ~ James Jealous, DO

The BioBasics program is designed to explore the fundamental topics in the Biodynamic Model of Osteopathy.  The material is presented as an introduction to this work, however this course provides an enriching experience for the seasoned practitioner as well.  This is possible because of the large number of faculty, their extensive experience with Biodynamics, and the intimate manner of the table training.  We have had both faculty and students from all over the United States and internationally.   The course is open to US and International Osteopathic and Allopathic physicians and students, as well as dentists and dental students who would like to explore the heart and soul of Osteopathy in a closely supported and guided space with experienced teachers.