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Osteopathy is an opportunity to serve the suffering persons in this world through the very humbling experience of coming to know the “magnitude of the heavens” as Dr. Still described. As one grows in this work everything will slowly change until the Truth awakens the desire to serve without any goals.

Our tradition is a living organism that begins with sincere respect for all aspects of our profession…this is what can and will bind us in a healthy expression of community. Traditional Osteopathy is an oral tradition that functions through mutual love between the elders and the beginners but embraces the inner discipline and fortitude to practice what we preach.

Welcome to our website! I hope we can be useful.

—James Jealous D.O.

New from Dr. Jealous: An Osteopathic Odyssey

This book is a series of commentaries from almost 50 years of Practicing Osteopathy using the Biodynamic Methodology. Learn more…




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